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The Maya were terribly wrong! The end of the world will befall us in 2011 – in fact by the concentrated impact of a 13 headed hydra. The most diversified band of the pagan metal sector sounds apocalyptical fanfares for the cardinal onslaught against convention and genre-sullenness. The congenial sextet around polarizer and ideologist-in-chief mr alphavarg presents an album of variety and complexity that is simply unique and incomparable. All powers of the forerunner album „Sr...dt“ have not been simply cultivated but pitchforked into higher spheres. Genre borders will be overrun and every sceptic will be forced to devotional hush by an overwhelming caleidoscope of epic melodies, bombastic moments and impressive profound and plurivalent lyrics about the forthcoming end of the world.

With his concept mr alphavarg reveals a real superlative of his previous work. Beside the traditional languages used – namely German, English and Swedish – there are ground-breaking pamphlets in Sanskrit, Latin, Arabian and many more. Furthermore, for two songs the six apocalyptival horseriders are accompanied by famous supporters.

World-exclusively for “Finis Terræ” Mark and Joris of Heidevolk sing in German for the very first time! Moreover Equilibrium’s mastermind, René Berthiaume, participates as vocalist for the first time as well. More aggressive, more melodic and harder than ever before this album definitely proves the potential to enthuse and inspire listeners all over the world and far beyond the pagan metal genre? “Finis Terræ” is really an end time soundtrack you just have to call your own!!!

posted at: 19.02.2011

:: New Homepage!

Harken fans & followers!

We take great pride in proclaiming the official launch of our brandnew, re-designed homepage!
It took us a long time to face that issue due to our total focus on the forthcoming album.
Thus we decided to restrict our communication with the outside world to our myspace page.
But with today we are able to face our enthralling future era also visually by carving it into the digital walls of our stronghold.

We are looking forward to facing that fascinating future alongside each and every one of YOU!!!

mr alphavarg // NhéVanN // ForadH // HrísDólgr // SgrA // T'Bog

posted at: 14.02.2011

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